FAQs on Wigs

Frequently Askd Questions on Wigs and Buying Wigs

How do I wear my wig for the first time?

Remove wig from the plastic bag. Gently remove the protective hair net from your wig. Give your wig a few good shakes to separate the fibres to give some body to the hair. Some wigs need to be shaken to release the pre-set styling.
Brush your hair away from your face and secure a wig cap in place, tucking in any extra hair.
Hold your wig at the sides with the woven label in back. Place it at your natural hairline and slide it on from front to back. Adjust the wig as needed so the front edge is just over your natural hairline. Use the ear tabs to centre your wig from left to right. If the wig is too tight undo the hooks at the base of the neck and try again. If the wig is too loose move the hook up a level and retry the wig - repeat until comfortable. Tuck in any stray hairs at the front, sides and nape. Use a soft brush to style.

Is it ok to wear a wig everyday?

Yes, it’s okay to wear wigs everyday with proper care. Wearing a wig is an easy way to make you more beautiful. This is the way to build confidence. Wearing a wig everyday is OK for anyone. However, you need to have your wigs properly cared. Usually, you need to have 3 or four wigs to rotate to keep them longer.