What hairstyle fits your face? The answer is here

Today I'm going to talk to you about how to find the right hairstyle for your face shape. Yes, what suits you is the most important!


Before choosing a hairstyle
Determine your face shape first


Any hairstyle that works best for you is designed to make you look like the most popular and perfect oval face to appeal to the general public. The purpose of all shapes is to "make the most of your strengths and avoid your weaknesses, and to show a more beautiful self." In addition to the most important face shape, your height and temperament should also be considered. Today, I will first talk about the face matching hair ~


1 Square face

To create an aesthetic face shape you need to soften and visually narrow the lower corners of the face.

So for women who mind looking too masculine, the best hairstyle for a square face is long curly hair, with the emphasis on softness around the chin, though if you opt for loB, curls that go beyond the base of your cheeks are better. Avoid wide, heavy bangs.

Jolie is one of the most successful sound demonstration of making feminine taste sexy beauty, soft long curly hair with her slightly tough outline let her sexy not evil, Shu Qi is also an example, so the girls don't always on their own tough outline, the appropriate adjustment you can be a big turn ~

But not all looks are oriented toward the "standard aesthetic", such as chunchun's neutral style, which allows short hair to stand out with the outline of the face.

For a square face, consider Kiera Knightley. Knightley has a square face


2 round face shape

The shape of a round face is similar to an oval but slightly shorter and lacks depth. It is usually matched with a rounded chin and is known as a babyface. The label is cute, tender and sweet, with the focus on visually elongating your face and creating a clear jawline.

Round face girls can consider hair elements are: oblique bangs, long hair, the top of the head high thick hair, exposing the lower half of your face can let you look not bloated, high ball head, micro roll long hair all put to one side, LOB partial (or with oblique bangs).
Take Ginnifer Goodwin as an example for her short round face with great facial features. Now, she combines slanted bangs and elongated face with short, high hair to reveal her clean jaw, which makes her look more youthful and inspired. On the contrary, the long hair shows the bulk of old age.

And appearance delicate "small family jasper model" the Zhang Naila that takes sweet and lovely route is light now ripe transition hits however rise slanting bang slant the routine that divides long hair ~


  1. Triangular face

A triangle, also known as a pear face, looks medium to thick and mature. This type of girl needs to visually narrow the difference between the upper and lower parts of the face and soften the lower part of the face to maintain balance.

The hairstyle element that can consider is: bangs demonstrate narrower forehead or radian hairstyle undertake modification to two gills to achieve the effect that adjusts face shape.

Kate Moss's styled face (right), complete with bangs, is a beauty rather than a personality.


4 a long face

Looking a little cocky is the most striking feature of a long-faced girl, who focuses on visually shortening the vertical length of your face or filling it out.

Long face model girl hairdo key element is: fleece is medium long hair can widen face from the vision with, or use bang opportunily to undertake facial vision "cut" shorten to be worth to try.
The best example of a long face would have to be SJP Sarah Jessica Parker, remembering how Kelly's shaggy Bob from Sex and the City made her face look less long


5 Diamond shaped face

The diamond shaped face, similar to the heart-shaped face, often has a sharp, pointed chin. The face is chiseled, with a narrow forehead and tapering to the top. It is characterized by a narrow chin and high cheekbones, which make it look aloof and tall. Its modelling key is on the vision expand bun area plump your forehead.

There are plenty of diamond-faced girls out there, too, as Vanessa Hudgens dresses to accentuate her hippie look with a variety of hairstyles to make her look more approachable.


6 heart-shaped face

The heart-shaped face, also known as the inverted triangle face, is a popular face with feminine charm and softness, so girls with heart-shaped face need to pay attention to the overly broad forehead, so it can be properly decorated.

Often too care oneself broad forehead girl should deserve to decorate a gender only slanting bang/slant cent to be able to do modelling difficult problem easily.

But for a moderately proportioned heart-shaped face, you can show off your face with Scarlett Johansson in every possible way.


7 Oval face shape

As the benchmark that modelling makes, elliptic face does not have what can be fastidious really complaint, the elliptic face girl that all sorts of hairstyle pass kill shows your face confidently can.

Charlize Theron is the best example, no matter what kind of hair, as long as the makeup does not affect the facial features.


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  • Well, here we are, with hair and face shapes outlined. You want to ask, should I shape my face to be more oval or show off my personality?
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