What hairstyle does round face girl suit?

I am a girl with a round face. When choosing a hairstyle, I should make my face look longer, so as to make my face look smaller. After trying a lot of styles, I still think long hair is more suitable for me.Hair must not stick to the forehead, the upper part of the hair as fluffy as possible, as far as possible to leave bangs, do not be thick flat bangs, so the visual face is shorter, try to choose oblique bangs, long beard bangs, can block the face!!Try it out with a beauty camera for a new hairstyle.


The gap has been revealed and the next two hairstyles are clearly more suitable for me, as long as the bangs cover the forehead, the visual length of the face is from the eyebrows to the chin, while the visual length of the face in the lower two styles is from the forehead to the chin.


Although the above image has bangs to cover the face, the hair is too tight. The top part of the hair is close to the forehead, so the middle part of the face is very large.Therefore, if the hair is thin and soft, and the upper part of the hair is flat, you can choose a perm. If the upper part of the hair looks fluffy, the face will look thinner visually. Just like this, I hope that girls with round faces can find a suitable hairstyle.