What face shape does the Bob fit

One: Melon seed face.Girls with melon face are very happy and enviable, melon face is very small and delicate, the girl with this face can manage a lot of hair, of course, the Bob can also be easily driven, the girl with melon face with Bob is more cute and handsome.


 bob wig

Two: Round face.This is a natural advantage for girls with round faces. If girls with round faces wear a Bob, the cute feeling will increase greatly. At the same time, they will also give them a doll feeling, which is very attractive.


Three: Long face.Girls with long faces are always distressed and feel that their face shape is not suitable for any kind of hair style, so they always feel low self-esteem. However, in fact, the Bob is very suitable for this kind of face shape. The Bob can shorten the length of the face visually and beautify the face shape very well.