Loveuwig's guide to human hair wig terms

When you first want to buy a wig to browse various wig selling platforms, you will definitely have a lot of doubts about the various terms of the wig product. Such as lace front wig, BoB wig, closed silk thread wig, human hair wig, hair wig! What are these things? ! So I started searching, and the answer that appeared now was Bahuamen. Now you don’t have to worry about it, and interpret "Wigs, I'll Nouns" for you. First of all, only provides you with human hair wigs.

Lace front wig

The front lace wig headgear means that the hat structure of the headgear is connected with a network or a chemical fiber network along the forehead. Hook each hair into a nylon net or chemical fiber net. This structure is reasonably designed and directly touches the skin. Anyone can think of a front lace wig headgear.

Front lace wig headgear, usually from the hair headgear, usually 1 inch mesh material. The closed lace wig headgear uses the network about net material. The front lace wig headgear is to be all, it will be more realistic than it looks!

BoB Wig

BOB is not a newest hair cutting technique, let alone a hair cutting technique. It means that the length of the hair is below the ears, and the length of the hair is below the ears. The length of the hair can be summarized as short hair, BOB, medium long hair and long hair.

Bundles of hair

Summer is here, and most people don't like stuffy heads, so these hairs are definitely suitable for you. My hair is very close. In short, this kind of hair needs to go to the barber shop and get it on your head with the help of a beautician.

Headband wig

This is easy to understand, that is, the front end of the wig can be used as an ornament. The question you are most concerned about is: Can the headband be changed by itself? The answer is yes. Therefore, different wigs are very suitable for people who like styles. They can deform the headband at will, and human hair wigs can be changed like their own hair.

Take a 13*4 Lace front wig as an example

13*4 lace front wig water wave human hair 16 inches, that is, the length and width of the forehead hair lace piece is 13*4, the type is lace front wig, and the hair style is water wave. The length of the entire wig is 16 inches.

Where can I find human hair wigs?

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