How to wash curly wigs?

Curly wigs  are very beautiful and widely used in wigs hair style. However, curly wigs need more care. You should try your best to make it right to keep good style. Once your curly wigs tangled, they will become ugly and dirty. Here comes a step by step guide on how to wash curly human hair wigs.

Why should we wash curly wigs?

Curly human hair wigs will bring more features and styles for your look. The wigs tend to be tangled and dry after using for a period of time. You need to wash them or do some proper care for better look.

Before washing a curly human hair wig, you need to read this step by step guide on how to wash curly human hair wigs.

Step 1: Identify your wigs

To make sure your wigs are curly human hair wigs. Because human hair wigs and synthetic wigs are different, they should be cared differently.

Step 2: Detangle the hair wigs

Make sure the human hair wigs are detangled. Use a hair conditioner or water solution to damp the hair wigs to detangle it. Then use a comb or brush to detangle the wigs carefully. Brush the curls starting from the ends as you get to the top. Brush or detangle the curs from end to top.

Step 3: Use a shampoo

Use a shampoo to make human hair cleaner. After detangled your hair wigs, you need to apply shampoo. The human hair curly wigs can use the human hair shampoo as usual. Moisturizing shampoo or special shampoo for curly hair is best for wigs. Apply the shampoo gently and evenly to the hair.

Step 4: Rinse off the shampoo

After applied the shampoo on your human hair wigs, you need to wash shampoo off from hair after several minutes. Wash the wigs in a sink or under running water. This will make fewer tangles. Do not use hot water to wash the wigs, otherwise, your wigs will be damaged.

Step 5: Dry your wig

After rinsing off the shampoo on wigs, you need to dry your wigs. Carefully get it out from the water and place it flat on a towel. You can take another towel and gently pat the wig to dry it. It is recommended to pat dry the wig instead of wiping dry, because doing so will deform the curling of the wig. In addition, please do not dry the wig on the mannequin or the wig holder, because the weight of the wet wig will lengthen the wig and damage the curls.

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