How to take care of Brazilian curly hair weave wig?

Every African woman want to have this hairstyle with Brazilian curly hair weave. It just can't make you beautiful, and more importantly, it becomes a maintenance method after having it.

Why take care of Brazilian curly hair weave wig?

The advantage of Brazilian curly hair weave is that it will wrap around itself when you pull it. In order to prevent the hair from sticking, you need to use wisdom to remove the hair. Wigs are easy to dry because they inhale nutrients, so the addition must be hydrated. If you are now knowing how to keep it beautiful because of your weak skin, I will tell you how.

How to take care of brazilian curly hair weave wig?

It is inappropriate to wash Brazilian curly hair wig in Europe

Brazilian curly hair weave is actually more suitable for a shiny state. Therefore, you can make Brazilian wigs look more beautiful.

Dry Brazilian curly hair is suitable

Brazilian curls need to use fingers or a wide-toothed comb to change the brush, the hair protects the curls and maintains the shape of the curls.

Choose a shampoo suitable for curly hair

Using a mild shampoo or low-foaming cleansing conditioner can refresh your hair and wax without flooding with natural oils and oils.

Use the initial conditioner

Just like beauty and maintenance of your own hair, after washing Brazilian curls, you must do some maintenance of your hair. For maintenance, you should choose hair care that can meet your wig styling requirements.

Can't use machine to dry wet wig

All heat-generating machines will cause damage to the wig, so these tools cannot be used.

Use essential oils for maintenance

Natural oils or light essences will increase the fur you carry and tame your shag.

Often trim and care for wigs

Brazilian hair is like yourself hair, because it lacks the nourishment of the head, it will dry faster, especially when the curl of the wig needs this, it is easy to tangles, and the wig wire is easy to recover.

Go to a famous barber shop to maintain your wig

Worrying about Brazilian curly hair, we are a barber who finds faith. Curly hair provides a rich variety of fashionable and interesting styling options. Proper maintenance and assumptions will ensure the longevity of your Brazilian curly braid.

People with beautiful hair glow and make themselves beautiful and beautiful. Nature and self-discipline are the most important. Or let yourself care about curly and straight hair, try your best to manage your hair, make it smooth and not knotted, so that your hair is perfect in everyone's eyes.

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