How to take care of a curly human hair wig

Curly human hair wigs never go out of style, and the right curly wigs can help us project a timeless image that makes us feel good. Curly wigs require more maintenance than straight human wigs because they have more curls. With proper hair care, it is easy to keep hair in its best condition for a period of time. Here, Loveuwig will explain to you how to take care of a curly wig.

How to take care of a curly human hair wig

Step 1: Divide your curly wig hair into sections

The first step in the maintenance of a curly wig is to separate the hair according to the style of the hair. If your wig has tight curls, break them up into small sections. If your curls are big and loose, you can break them up into larger sections. This provided us with a convenient basis for the operation of curly wigs in the future.

Step 2: Spray a disentanglement spray

Next, you should lightly spray each separate curly wig area with a disentanglement spray. Be careful that we choose a disentanglement spray that matches the quality of our curly human hair wig so that it will not be damaged.

Step 3: Gently comb your curly wig hair

When the spray is over, remove the tangles and gently brush the curls. When combing your curly wig, be sure to use a wide-toothed comb. Because regular combs and brushes can wreak havoc on curls, they can make your wig look frizzier and can also cause it to fall off.

Step 4: Restore your curly wig

After you've removed any knots from your wig, you'll need to restore the curls to their original state. Doing so will help you restore the original style of your curly wig. Depending on the type of curl your wig has, or the type of wig you want, divide your wig hair into sections - a small part of your hair will be tight and a large part of your hair will be loose or wavy. Then use your fingers to gently twist each part of the curl and return it to the original curl pattern.

If you notice that your curls aren't bouncing right, try twisting your curls in the opposite direction. Even faster, you can try to restore your curls with a curler, but be sure to set the curler to a low temperature.

Step 5: Preserve your curly wig carefully

The final step in how to take care of a curly wig is to make sure that you are careful when preserving your curly wig. The first step is to gently cover the wig with a hairnet while keeping the curl in place to prevent further tangling. Then, place your wig flat into the bag or box it arrives in. Or, put your wig in an airtight plastic case to keep it from picking up dust.

Be careful not to leave your wig on the floor, counter or other surfaces when you are only temporarily placing it, as this can easily cause your curly hair to get tangled and tangled.

I believe from reading this, you must have a good understanding of how to care for curly wig. It's not so hard to make your curly wig last longer and keep your beauty going, is it?

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