How to straighten deep weave hair wig?

Why do you want to straighten deep weave hair wig?

Deep weave hair wig is a wig shape like a water wave. When you have a hairstyle for a long time, you will be tired of trying to take time because a deep weave hair wig is tested. Therefore, there will be girls who want to change their hairstyle. So can the real human deep weave hair wig can be straightened?

Deep weave hair wig must be 100% real human hair

The bottom of the straightened hair is 100% real human hair at the bottom of hair. This means it must be human hair. Or deep weave hair wigs, not composite fibers or other materials.

Is it challenged that straighten deep weave hair wig?

A straight deep weave hair wig is a challenge because the curl is very large, and the time takes longer. First, you have to fix the determination to pull the Deep Weave Hair Wig, because you need to use quality thermal protective agents on your hair, chemical reagents plus high-temperature contacts directly hurt your virgin hair wig.

Is there a way to straighten the deep weave hair wig?

Most people don't like chemicals and can use this method. If you do not use chemical-treated raw hair, you can use the heating comb to apply heat to your hair. It is important to select the corresponding comb. You can prevent excessive hot hair. In addition to the comb, there can also be used similar to the comb. The flattening iron with a heated plate of about 0.5 to 1 inch wide, is a better choice for those who are shorter hair. If you have long hair, you'd better choose a wider iron.

Straighten deep weave hair wig with a hairdryer with comb accessories

Straighten your deep weave hair wig. You should use the normal electric heating level to protect your hair texture. A larger heat can cause damage to the hair. Therefore, it is necessary to add some no-rinsed or left conditioner to help moisturize hair before using a hair dryer heating.

How to choose chemical relaxants?

Chemical relaxants can cause harm to hair. It can be sodium hydroxide softened and expanded the fibers of the hair. There is also a corrosive relaxant, which is very effective and fast but has a lot of side effects. Therefore, it is necessary to protect your hair with a protector.

The most important thing is all methods, they all hurt your natural hair or less. If you don't want your hair dry and fragile, you can reconsider the purchase of a new straight wig, which will increase your hair and thickness, and make your hair look intuitive.

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