How to re-style the wig with a round brush

How to use the round brush

Proper care of human hair wigs is very important! If you maintain it properly, you can enjoy your favorite wig longer. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to wash the wig after 8-10 years. However, lifestyle may affect this. For example, if you exercise and sweat on your wig, or in heavy smoke, you need to wash your wig more frequently. After washing, blow off the wig with a round brush to keep the wig in its best condition. Read the step-by-step guide on how to use a round brush on a wig!

Wig styling tools

The round brushes come in different sizes and styles. The diameter of each brush will affect the shape. The tighter the curls and waves, the smaller the diameter, the better. The large round brush creates a loose curl and flip. If your hair is very long, you may need a large brush. When choosing a round brush, please be careful not to choose a round brush with an epoxy ball head. These seemingly harmless beads can cause serious damage to synthetic or human hair wigs. 

Let’s start re-styling!

When handling the wig, always fix the fragments on a stable canvas head. Your wig keeps its shape and you will have a 360° progressive view. Note: Do not blow off the wig while wearing it.

Let it dry.

If the wig is made of synthetic fibers that are sensitive to heat, do not comb or brush it when it is wet. Instead, blow-dry 80% before you start re-styling with a round brush. Wigs for human hair can be brushed when wet to make styling easier. The 80% dry rule also applies to round brush styling with human hair wigs.

You will want to divide your hair into easy-to-handle parts. We recommend that you start with four parts. First, separate the hair from the ears, then lower the middle. From there, use a wide comb to make inches of hair. Be careful not to make holes in the wig cap!

Only use one-inch pieces at a time.

For wigs, it’s best to start at the bottom and move up. Follow this;

-Take inch pieces from one of the two bottom parts.

-Place the brush at the bottom of the first-inch chain.

-Then, following the windpipe, slowly pull the brush toward the edge through the hair.

-When the brush reaches the edge, circle the brush several times to ensure that the edge of the brush is properly dry.

Hairdryer, your best friend!

Nevertheless, I will follow the hairdryer, wrap my hair around the comb, and then put it back on the bottom. Tuck your hair at the bottom while using the "cool shot" function of the hairdryer. If you have never really understood the function of the cool shot button, be prepared to learn.

This button uses a burst of cold air to close the cuticle of the hair, set the style, and add glitter. When the riverside street is dry and solidified, slowly and carefully untie the comb to release the hair. Next, before entering the top section, complete these steps in each section.

Completing all these steps will result in a beautiful style. In order to maintain the durability of this style, you can use a finishing spray to finish it.

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