How to promote the healthy growth of my natural hair under the wig?

Lots of wig wearers have this question when they buy their first wig: Will wearing a wig prevent the growth of my natural hair? This is a common problem among most people who don't know about wigs. We can fully understand that people are worried about the growth of their natural hair. After all, hair is an important part of our body. If you have such questions or are experiencing hair loss, please read this guide to calm your mood and get the answer to your questions!

Does wearing a wig prevent my natural hair from growing?

First of all, the answer to this question is no. No, wearing wigs doesn't stop our natural hair from growing. However, if the natural hair under your wig is not properly protected or taken care of, it will cause damage to the hair and affect its growth of the hair. But you don't have to be afraid, we have the right steps to help you solve the problem.

How to promote the healthy growth of my natural hair under the wig?

1.Wash your natural hair regularly

It's important to make sure that your natural hair under the wig is clean and dry. Because your hair gets warmer under your wig, it causes your scalp to sweat and oil more frequently. Therefore, you can't feel that your natural hair doesn't need to be washed frequently just because you wear a wig. You must know that regular washing can ensure that the natural hair under the wig is not affected by the extra heat.

You need to know what the natural hair under your wig needs to promote hair growth. If your hair is very dry, be sure to moisturize it, or use a hair mask to lock the moisture in your hair when you wash it. If you are naturally oily hair, you can try a moisturizing conditioner. If you think you need more moisture, you can use a small amount of hair moisturizing spray.

Last but not least, make sure that your natural hair is completely dry before you wear a wig, so as to avoid the growth of harmful bacteria and prevent growth of natural hair.

2. Keep your wig clean

In order to ensure that your scalp and head are as clean as possible, it is also a very important step to keep your wig clean, which can avoid sweat accumulation, help prolong the life of your wig, and also help nourish your natural hair. This is really a win-win scheme! There are different ways to wash human hair wigs and synthetic wigs, and the products for shampoo and hair care are also different. That is to say, we all need wig care products compatible with wig types, and correctly use hair care products to avoid damaging your wig.

3. Reduce the contact between your natural hair and wig

Increasing the distance between your natural hair and your wig is an important way to promote healthy hair growth under your wig and reduce the accumulation of bacteria and residues. Here are a few tips to help you:

Tip 1: Weave your natural hair to reduce the contact area

For example, braiding under your wig and creating a hairstyle that will help you put on your wig will help reduce some of the contacts between your hair and your wig.

Tip 2: Wearing a wig cap

Wearing a wig cap is also a good way to add protection between the hair and the wig. When wearing a wig, the wig cap can hide your natural hair, and it can also help create a more natural and beautiful appearance

Tip 3: Using headscarf to cover your head

If you don't want to expose your wig or natural hair, it's OK to use some accessories that can cover your head, such as a headscarf, scarf and so on. It's also a good way to let your head breathe.

After reading the above article, do you get the answer in your mind? When asked again later, "Does wearing a wig prevent natural hair growth?" Keep in mind that proper cleaning and effective protection are the keys to promoting the healthy and natural growth of our natural hair and ensuring it is not damaged.

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