How to make your lace front wig hairline more natural?

Now many people wear lace front wig to enhance their looks or to cover up some shortcomings, but in fact, many people are new to lace front wig and do not know how to make a wig look more natural. In other words, someone will not be able to tell if you are wearing a lace front wig.

We who wear lace front wig should be more confident and beautiful, just like you who have a natural and beautiful hair. Still, strangers might whisper, "Is she wearing a wig?"

Fortunately, we can change this situation through the right way of dressing. In addition to buying high-quality human hair wigs, we can make your lace front wig look more natural and make your lace front wig's hairline more natural through the following steps.

Here are the key principles you should know first:

The lace front wig you buy should be as close as possible to the natural shape of your head. In simple terms, make sure your fake hair is close to your head.

If you want the front hairline to blend in with your real hairline and look as natural as possible, it's easy and only takes one or two steps.

Before using your lace front wig, be sure to comb through your lace front wig thoroughly. This will help curl and smooth out the fibers, preventing them from becoming rough.

How to make your lace front wig hairline more natural?

1. Lace cutting

Measure your head and attach it to the wig like your head, then cut the lace and cut it as close to the hairline as possible.

2. Use tweezers wisely

If you want to make your hairline look more soothing, you can use tweezers to carefully remove the first inch or so of hair from your hairline, but sometimes you may not feel it is necessary. Of course, you can also use tweezers to remove any hair that is standing up on its own or looks bad for the whole wig. (Gently pull out only one hair at a time, otherwise, the lace can easily be damaged.)

3. Use hair gel or wig tape

Some people choose to fasten their lace front wig hairline to their forehead with hair gel or Lace. But you should know that gels or tape may not be necessary for everyone, but they can help if your lace front wig is not fastened to your head.

4. Use makeup to help

You can also use a foundation that is similar in color to your hairline and forehead, and use a makeup brush or your own fingers to blend the lace on the front of your face with your skin tone. Just mix the front part of the lace together, making sure that you cover all the areas where the lace is exposed to achieve our goal.

You can also replace the foundation with concealer. Apply concealer to the hairline to give the illusion of scalp, but make sure you use foundation or concealer that matches your skin tone. It would look even more obtrusive.

If you have trouble with the unnatural hairline of a lace front wig, try the tips above! These tips will definitely help you see a more beautiful version of yourself!

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