How to make a good quality human hair wig?

Human hair wigs are not chemical fiber wigs! Real human hair wigs are made by full-time crocheting staff who place human hair on the designated lace net, and the best quality is hand-crocheted. The effect is realistic and easy to use. With the improvement of craftsmanship and the advancement of science and technology, the current hand-weaving technology has matured, and it can completely achieve the effect of fake and real.

Is the human hair wig the best for beginner?

The exquisite hand-tied finish allows you to place your hair in any position that suits you best, and the ultra-fine front part provides the most important choice. The hairline of sight.

How much does a human hair wig cost ?

The price of a human hair wig is between 700 and 2,000 US dollars. These are the best quality wigs, so they may have advantages over some other wig types. These prices are slightly higher because they are real hair wigs.

How to choose a human hair wig?

The arc size of the hair sleeve

If you want to buy a good wig, you must wear it secretly. There is a reason for buying clothes. Only when the wig has the right shape and the curvature is just enough to test, can you feel comfortable and blinded.

Hair quality of the wig

Real hair is very soft, smooth, elastic, and has a natural look like my own hair.

Craftsmanship of hand-woven wigs

The craftsmanship mainly depends on whether the direction of the crocheted hair is in line with the direction of the real person's length. If the flow of the hair is reversed or the crocheting is strong, the weaving cost will be skewed and even affect the overall styling effect. In addition, the manual craftsmanship depends on the crocheting of a good crocheted wig.

How to get human hair wig hairstyle?

If it is a machine-made real human hair wig product, it is not smooth when it is fake, and the bottom net needs to be repaired when updating. If it is a more advanced hand-made real human hair replacement product, this is a high-end product that can be made into a simulation spider. The effect, so the hairdresser feels the same as the customer when he reissues the product, including the direction of the hair, which is also easy. The updater of the good craft reissue product does not feel that he is cutting the wig in the photo. is shopping for the most natural, beautiful, and fashionable curly hair wigs now. All Loveuwig curly wigs are made of 100% human hair. You're welcome to try other types of them! And if you are looking for the perfect human hair weave, feel free to vision