How to extend the service life of hair weave?

How long is the life of hair weave?

"The recommended time to keep weaving within two months is two months," Charlotte said. "It should be touched every 2 to 4 weaving and track. She should leave a gap between 2 to 4 weeks, and before you weave, the treatment is essential," she Supplement. In addition, human hair wig is very expensive, so there are many ways to use it, in which human hair weave cleaning is critical.

Which kind of hair weave is the best?

Virgin texture hair is the best human hair weave, it is raw, so you can style and color like your own natural hair. The most popular human hair is Brazil, Malaysia, Peru and Indian hair.

Hair weave cleaning steps

Pseudo-Hair is equally important for extending service life, but the cleaning method is also very important to pay attention to it. Here, you will introduce you to the correct cleaning method steps.

  1. Cleaning wigs can't be knead: When use shampoo, you must first put the shampoo in your hand, then apply evenly on your hair, and gently wash it from top to bottom.
  2. Use conditioner: Weaving wigs are also made from true hair, and the hair is smoother with appropriate amount of conditioner.
  3. Use dry towels to suck moisture, then divide a small amount: Lightly wrap only with dry towels, press the wet hair. The hands cooperate with the right hand, and the left hand cooperates with the places where the connection is combined. This is not easy to lose your hair.
  4. The hair is blowing in the direction of the hair, try to keep constant temperature: if the wig is a hairstyle, such as curly hair, try to use the tool to dry, temperature is not too high. If it is straight hair, you need to control the wind speed, and blow it along the hair angle.
  5. Weaving wigs requires regular care: from the professional wig line store, you can return to the store to conduct professional cleaning, if it is bought in the general store, you can use moisturizing shampoo. First soak the hair piece in the cold water, re-change the water, drop 2 drops of water, and stir well with your hand, and finally put it in the ventilation.
  6. Hand standing is always in the spray: the uncomfortable one, that is, it is not a big hair, especially after being blown by the wind, the more embarrassing it is not smooth, and it is easy to crazy. There is much more convenient in hand, and you can use your fingers.

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