How to distinguish the quality of a straight hair wig?

Why do African women have a high demand for wigs?

Mainly related to the characteristics of African hair. Africans have thin, curly hair that grows close to the scalp. When this hair grows, it will be as unkempt as a chicken coop, and it is very difficult to take care of. One comb is enough for our daily use, but African girls need a lot of combs, and often even need to use steel needle combs that most of us have rarely seen. In addition, natural hair takes a long time to grow, and it takes a lot of time and effort to care for it. Although the natural hair after all kinds of hair care products are used up will feel better, it is still very unsuitable for making hair styling. Wearing a wig is a daily makeup procedure. If you need a straight hair wig, please feel free to send an email to

How to distinguish the quality of human hair?


From a visual point of view, the first impression of a good wig is true and natural. The fine workmanship and high-quality hair material are the first elements to distinguish the pros and cons of a wig. Secondly, the attractiveness of the style is also very important to personal preference.


Inferior wigs feel dry, heavy, and staid. The hair of the wig has a uniform proportion, is light and plump, and feels smooth, which is a very natural feeling. If you need a straight wig, please feel free to send an email to


It is normal for wigs to lose hair. Inferior wigs are particularly prone to fall off and difficult to care for. The needles on the scalp are thick and the hairline is crowded, making it easy to fall off the scalp. The inner mesh cap is rough by hand, not easy to dissipate heat.


Looking at the manufacturers, the wigs produced by small wig manufacturing factories are usually mixed with inferior hair or made of inferior hair in order to maximize profits, but inferior hair is not flame-retardant and has chemical toxins.

Precautions for the use of human hair wigs

Wear a wig correctly 

After buying a wig, you must first wear it correctly according to the instructions in the wig. When you first use the wig, you may not be familiar with it. Try a few more times to make it feel more comfortable to wear. In addition, the wig should be taken off when sleeping, and it is not allowed to sleep with it.

Prevent rain from getting wet

Because rain is corrosive to these wigs, it is best to use an umbrella if you want to wear a wig when it is raining.

Use cleaners wisely

When cleaning the wig, you must not wash the wig with shampoo, otherwise it will cause great damage to the wig. It is best to use those special wig cleaners to clean the wig. These special cleaners will not clean the hair. Damage to the hair.

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