How to distinguish real wigs

The wig market is getting better and better, so the current wigs are hard to distinguish between true and false. Chemical fiber, real fiber, mixed hair and fake are difficult to distinguish. The price of chemical hair wigs has risen, and the price of human hair wigs is high, and you get what you pay for. How to identify real human hair? The following will teach you how to identify.


The sponginess of chemical fiber silk is very bright, the human hair wigs is the same as what we usually see, it is not so dazzling; secondly, it feels real by hand, human hair feels soft to the touch, and the hair seems to be fluttering.Although the chemical fiber looks bright, it feels a little hard to the touch, and the hair does not feel dynamic when the wind blows, and the ends of the hair will curl up after a long time.


There is also mixed hair, which is usually made of a mixture of real human hair and chemical fiber. This is a more difficult to distinguish ratio. The easiest way is to burn a handful of hair with a lighter. 100% real human hair will eventually become dust. The smell is like the smell of burning electrode wires, and the chemical filaments will stick together after burning, and will have a strong pungent sensation, like the smell of burning plastic bags. You don't have to worry about being deceived by these methods.


Look at the manufacturer, usually the wigs produced by the wig manufacturing factory are for the greatest profit. They are often mixed with inferior hair or made of inferior hair, but the inferior hair is not brown and has low chemical additives.

What inappropriate wigs do you have?

The person of the wig should be consistent with the skin color. If you have hair, you should try to choose the same or close color as possible. If the hair volume is small or you have no hair, you should choose according to your own. Light brown wig; black skin color should choose black, brown black wig; skin color should choose maroon, dark brown wig; participate in makeup party and other activities should choose your own wig according to makeup color and color, such as wine red, yellow, orange red, fuchsia Wait.

How to care for wigs?

Sponge wigs have the characteristics of soft hair, elasticity and strong authenticity. However, it will be deformed after washing and needs to be sculpted. Washing: Soak the wig with clean water, soak it in warm water with shampoo, gently wash your face with clean water; rinse off the foam with clean water, take care of it; pick it out again, and use a dry towel to lightly absorb the hair; place the wig on a wooden tray Go up, follow along. Fake wigs need plastic surgery every time they are washed, and can be used for various purposes as needed. Candidates put on Guru Rinpoche’s head to see the effect and make the skin suitable for beauty.

The wig moves gently in the wind, and you should not pull the roots of the hair with force. The strong heat is too low when styling. Before the hair style, put it on the head of the sheep to try the effect, so that the roots of the hair can be stretched during the hairstyle.

The price of real human hair wigs

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