How to choose a wig suitable for you?

Why choose human hair wig?

As the hair loss is generally in the crowd, the wig has become the best choice, and the good wig is also equally issued. Then choose a human hair wig at this time. Human hair wigs directly cut self-human hair, so it is very natural, and you can meet any of your wig shape. So, what do you need to pay attention to?

How to choose human hair wig?

Online shopping, pay attention to return after-sales service.Online shopping offers a lot of options. When you purchase, you may find some non-picture promotion, or after wearing it is not suitable for yourself. So it is very important after sale.

What are the choice of human hair wigs provided by Loveuwig?

You can try some new wigs, such as long wigs, Bob, African female fake, Nigerian wigs, headband fake, lace, wigs, etc., this can also increase your appeal. All loveuwig wigs are made of 100%. Welcome to try all these! No matter which type of wig you choose, give you a few suggestions.

Is human hair wig very expensive?

If they are 100% of people's hair, human hair wigs may be expensive, but it is worth investing! Human hair wig costs are about $ 700 to $ 3,000. Human hair mixes and synthetic wigs are cheaper, but the quality is not so high.

How to choose the right human hair wig?

  1. Select a size of your own head.
  2. Ensure that the production materials feel comfortable, wigs can not make them itchy.
  3. Consider the WIG cap option, a thin layer of material, can be comfortable under your wig and help itching. As long as you realize that this can make your wigs are very hot.
  4. Be sure to bring your wig to your hairdresser, let him / her cut your wig make it perfect for your face.
  5. Buy a wig network to keep the shape of human hair wig.
  6. Make sure you regularly maintain your wigs to extend its service life.

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