How to choose a suitable wig for your face shape?

A suitable human hair wig may add beauty to your look. If you would like to look more beautiful with a wig, it’s important to know your face shape and select a wig suitable for your face shape. Everyone is different with the unique face shape and facial features. A suitable wig for your face may make you look much younger and more beautiful. How to know your face shape? There are the following ways for your reference.

Use a mirror

Standing in front of the mirror, looking at the outline of the face, use something that can be easily removed from the surface of the mirror (such as soap or lipstick), and then outline your face on the mirror to recognize the shape of your face.

Take a picture with a camera.

Alternatively, you can use a recent portrait photograph and using tracing paper and a pencil, trace the outline of your face onto a piece of paper.

Use a measure.

Take a soft tape measure, starting from the front hairline, rounding above the ears, then rounding under the occipital bone to the bend of the neck (also called the knowledge bone!)-and then rounding it back to the front hairline starting from you begin.

Following the above-said guide, you can easily get your face shape. Then, how to choose a suitable wig for your face shape?

Wigs for Oval shape face.

The oval face shape is usually narrow at the chin, the hairline is round, and the length of the face is about half and half the width. An oval face shape is considered an "ideal" face shape because it has no main features, so it has proportional features and is therefore symmetrical. If you have this face shape, you can wear almost any wig, so the choice is yours! The most flattering wig style for an oval face is a wig away from your face to accentuate its shape. Just try long bob wigs, you will find you fit this style very well.

Wigs for square face

The characteristic of a square face is that the chin has a wide-angle, which is the same width as the forehead. Since the chin and hairline are very strong, it is best to avoid straight and angular hairstyles. Also, avoid straight styles that end at the chin, as they will overemphasize your face angle. Try to find a wig that will increase in height at the top to extend the symmetrical shape and narrow on the sides to create the illusion of length. For this face shape, you may use wavy wigs or layered wigs to soften the frame of the face. Moreover, some wig styles such as curve wigs, long wigs will also work.

Wigs for round face

A round face shape usually consists of a wide hairline and a circular form. Women with round faces are described as having a face that is relatively short and broad with fullness just under the cheekbones. The widest part of a round-shaped face is where the cheeks and ears are situated. The best wigs for round face shapes are ones that create fullness and height at the crown and stay flattered at the cheekbones, to elongate the length of your face. Face frame wigs and wigs styles with an off-center parting also look great, as they help to soften the fullness in your cheeks.

For round faces, long wigs would be a good choice. Lace front wigs and bob wigs are suitable for round faces.

Wigs for heart-shaped faces.

Heart shape faces may have a wide forehead and narrow chin. This kind of face shape is suitable for a long hairstyle. Try a long bob wig, wave wigs, or curly wigs, you will find them fit well.

Wigs for long faces.

Long face shapes have narrow for head and chin. Usually, the width of the forehead and chin are similar, and the sides of the cheeks (especially at the cheek line) are straight. In general, for long faces, the idea is to increase the width instead of height. Chin length wigs are very suitable for long face or medium-length styles, hitting between the chin and shoulders. Keeping the wig's style wavy and relaxed curl is an ideal way to increase the width and volume required for facial shape balance.

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