How to choose a hair wig extension method that does not harm hair health?

Hair extension is an extremely fast way to satisfy your desire to change the length or shape of your hair. Here are several ways to send and receive, you can choose the one that suits you according to the pros and provides you with a variety of styles of hair weave.

Connect the wig to your own hair with glue

I advise you not to consider this connection method, because after the glue connection, it will drop a lot after washing for a period of time, and even the glue will be dirty, like dandruff.


If your hair exceeds 5 cm, you can choose to braid it. Start with four, depending on the softness of your hair. A bunch of 8 can be connected at most. It is to take a bunch of hair from the hair that is as thick as the hair you are receiving. Then cross the hair to form a three-strand braid. Then tie it with a professional rubber band. Cutting off the wig head with scissors requires a lot of skill. If the technique is good, it will not be obvious. But be careful when combing your hair. You may hook the wig off and washing your hair is a bit inconvenient. It can last about 3 to 6 months after hair extension.


Buckling is also an old method. It will easily fall off after the connection. It will hurt your scalp when you sleep. It is recommended that you do not choose provides you with a variety of styles of hair weave.

Seamless hair extension

Non-marking hair extension is also called patch type hair extension. This method of hair extension blends well with the hair itself, and there is no trace of hair extension. The operation is much faster than the previous ones. After receiving the hair, you can use a comb to comb the hair to the end. Many Internet celebrities use this method of sending and receiving.

Will hair extension cause hair loss?

Because the hair extension is tied to your own real hair, and the hair you attach is also heavy. Over time, hair loss will definitely occur.

  1. The hair extension cannot be combed. After a long time, it will be tangled with your own hair and become a knot. It is very difficult to wash the hair after washing. If the fruit is not necessary, it is best not to extend the hair. Generally, it is the back part, rarely only the two sides, because the short sides and long back are the most natural excess of the hair, and the overall effect will be good. Your own hair will always grow.
  2. After all, the hair connected by manual service is not as strong as pure natural hair. When the air is very dry or the temperature is too high, the color fastness of the adhesive will become weak. Especially those who are connected into super long hairstyles, only rely on a little bonding energy at the end of the hair to maintain the net weight of the hair underneath, soneed more care. With proper medical care, spliced hair can generally last for three to six months.
  3. Apply hair care products specially designed for hair extensions, softly moisturize and hydrate, avoid dry and frizzy hair, and maintain the bonding effect of hair extension adhesives. Do not take a sauna, wash your hair with super warm water, or blow with a hair dryer after hair extension. High temperature will affect the color fastness of the adhesive, and you should not comb the hair thoroughly. You must comb it in two halves.

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