How does a round face enhance your beauty by hairstyle

While round faces are also popular with some, we have to admit that the V-shaped face is still more desirable than a round face these days. So what can we do if we are born with round faces? Don't worry, you can try a variety of hairstyles and easily get a beautiful V-shaped face by changing your hairstyle. If you have short hair and don't want to wait that long, you can extend your hair with long hair weave and then change the style of your long hair.

You can take a look here to help you become more beautiful. Here Loveuwig shows you some easy hairstyles that can easily turn you into a V-shaped face.

1. Get a smart haircut

What it used to be: Flat on top and thick, curly hair at the bottom, it looked dull.

New hairstyle: the hair of the head arches upward on the one side of the board, has the effect that spins the face, the hair that two sides curls naturally downward, lightsome and messy, capable and feminine, this hairstyle suits OL very much.

Here are the steps to operate this hairstyle:

Step 1: Use a large curling iron to curl the hair from the tail to the middle.

Step 2: Grab the hair on the side of the head and use a dense tooth comb to add fluff.

Step 3: At the back of the head, comb the hair to the other side of the ear, grab the tail and rotate it inward, securing it with a U-clip.

Grab a few thin strands of hair from the sides of your cheeks with hair spray.

2. Romantic middle part

Original hairstyle: messy curly hair on both sides, look elastic, also reflect a lifeless feeling.

New hairstyle: The middle part of the bangs has added a tail curl to improve the shape of the face. Side curls, curls for the lightest effect, graceful curves, and plush ear accessories make the whole hair very sweet and charming.

Here are the steps to operate this hairstyle:

Step 1: Put all your hair in a bun and tie it behind your ear.

Step 2: Use a curler to lift the hair from the tail and curl it twice.

Step 3: Grab the top of the hair with a dense comb to create a fluffy texture.

Step 4:  let the hair loose in the atmosphere, secure hairpin act the role of article, add the beauty of the hair.

3. The sides are covered in thin, curly hair

What it was like: The eighth wave of bangs comes out, which does have the effect of enlarging the forehead, and drags the curls down to the sides to show off the broad face, which also looks a bit dated.

New hairstyle: maintain bangs to roll out, put residual curl on the side, fine curl gets together, appear very full, fluffy curl looks sexy one side has flavor, such a hair won't send out a depressing breath to come down.

Here are the steps to operate this hairstyle:

Step 1: Perm the bangs out and roll them into an eighth of a large roll.

Step 2: Curl your hair around and force it to rotate inward.

Step 3: Secure one side with a U-pin.

Step 4:  the hair wax that uses clutch point takes care of hairtail curl, create sufficient effect.

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