How do you stop people commenting on your wig? (Don't make these mistakes about wigs.)

We wear wigs to make ourselves more attractive and charming, or to cover up some of our hair weaknesses. Whether you're new to wigs or have been wearing them for a long time, there are a few things you should avoid to avoid criticism.

We want all of you on the screen to have a positive experience with your wig on, so make sure you don't make any of these mistakes.

1. Cut off too much lace from your lace wig or wear it too far from your forehead

To make your wig look more natural, you want the lace to be visible at the hairline, not along the hairline. Similarly, if you don't wear lace, and you want your lace wig to start along your natural hairline, then you can start your fringe or the front of the wig from there, not too far or too high from your forehead.

2. Not securing your wig properly

Sometimes people don't secure their wig correctly or forget to do so, which can lead to embarrassing situations where it either falls off accidentally or changes too much in appearance. As we wigs wearers know, there is nothing more terrifying than the sight of your wig falling off in public.

3. Try not to tie up your wig hair

You want your wig to be as undetected as possible. You need to avoid tying your wig's hair as much as possible, or you will make your wig look unnatural on your head. And it will let everyone know which wig you actually wear.

4. Add a protective product to your wig

A common misconception is that you should not wash or add any product to your wig. But actually, you need to add some care products to your wig! It must be. Because wigs don't produce the same natural oil as our natural hair, you must add these wig care products to keep your wig soft and healthy.

5. Using the wig glue in a wrong way

When you want to use glue or adhesives to secure your wig or piece, you should make sure the adhesive is dry and clean. When some people use glue, they leave a residue, which looks very unattractive and ruins the overall appearance. Some will also brighten your forehead and make your wig look unnatural. So check out the hair gel reviews before buying them to make sure you don't have any of these problems.

6. Natural hair texture and wig style don't match

When you wear a wig that doesn't have the same texture or style like your natural hair, it will look very unbalanced. When you're wearing a wig with a different texture than your natural hair, your hair is actually very difficult.

If your hair is straight and soft, opt for a straight and soft wig. If your hair is rough and curly, choose a rough and curly wig.

7. Wearing the wrong color wig cap

You think you can wear any wig cap? Error! There is a difference. Especially if you're wearing a lace wig. Wearing the wrong colored wig cap can actually make the wig stand out more and signal to others you're wearing a wig.

If your wig hair accidentally falls out of your face and your wig cap shows, it's also an embarrassment, isn't it? So you should wear a hair color close to your hair or a transparent wig cap to avoid this situation.

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