Here are the specific steps on how to dye your hair weave

Many people who have been using hair weave for a while will want to know how to change the color of their weave. Today we will show you how to dye your hair weave.

You should know that most people's hair is naturally black. Some people want to dye their hair. Although we have blonde hair, amber hair, etc., we can't meet everyone's requirements. Therefore, some people buy natural black styles, such as body wave, straight wave, deep wave, curly wave, natural wave, scattered wave, etc., and they will dye their hair to achieve the desired effect. But hair weave is also very tricky. If you don't dye your hair properly, you will ruin your hair and you will pay a very high price.

Here's how to dye your hair weave.

A natural human hair weave can be dyed any color because it is untreated virgin hair. You can use Hair Dye and Hair Developer or even the same tools to dye it into your own hair. Simply mix your dye and gently apply it directly to the hair weave. Wash your hair weave thoroughly after you dye it and keep it clean and shiny. It's important to note that the dye does not apply to synthetic hair, only virgin hair.

1. Choose high-quality, generic hair dye.

You can choose any local hair dye. Note that you can only use hair dye to make your hair deeper. If you want to make your hair lighter, you should bleach your hair first. Please use only hair colorers, not fabric dyer.

2. Prepare the right amount of hair gel.

If you use too little hair spray, it may be too weak to work well. 20 rolls of Hair Developer can change the color of Hair Weave by a shade or two, while 30 rolls of Hair Developer can make your weave darker. For most people, 20 rolls of Hair Developer will suffice in most cases.

3. Put on rubber gloves.

It's best to wear rubber gloves when you dye your hair, as they protect your skin from the irritation and staining of dyes. After dyeing your hair weave, properly discard your rubber gloves.

4. Mix the dye and hair developer in a plastic bowl. Mix with a plastic spoon.

Be careful not to mix the dye in a metal bowl or spoon. Metals oxidize the dye and make it change color. How much you need to mix depends on the length of your hair weave.

5. Test the color of the mixture

You can test a few strands of the same color as your original hair weave to see if it's a color you like.

There are a lot of people who are afraid that their color is not the right color they like, so it is recommended to test it before using dyes.

6. Apply layers of hair dye to your hair weave with a brush.

When applying the dye, separate your hair weave into pieces and then apply it a little bit at a time with your brush. Be sure to apply it evenly and don't rush too much, as this will reduce the effort. You can choose the color you want to dye your hair. Some people prefer solid colors, some prefer gradual gradients, and some prefer jumping colors, but whichever you prefer, you need to tailor the design to the length of your hair weave.

7. Cover your hair with plastic wrap and let it develop.

Wrap your dyed hair weave in plastic. The plastic wrap will help prevent the dye from drying out and allow the color to shine through. Dark dyes generally take about 25 minutes to develop but be sure to follow the instructions on the back of your hair dye box. During the dyeing process, check your hair weave every 5 minutes until you reach the color you want.

8. Rinse the hair dye thoroughly with warm water.

When the wrap is over, rinse off the hair dye. You'll need to slowly rinse the dye off the joint with warm water in a sink or bathtub. Run your fingers through your hair weave and massage out any excess color. Rinse your hair with warm water until it is clean.

9. Soak your hair weave in a deep conditioner for 15 minutes.

Rehydrating your hair after coloring is a very important step. A lot of people may be afraid of the trouble so after washing the hair dye directly dry hair, which actually does not work well. It is recommended that you make sure to apply a deep conditioner to your damp hair weave and wait 15 minutes before you finally wash.

10. Dry lightly with a towel, then spread your hair weave on an old towel to let dry naturally.

Why use old towels? Because there might be some extra color in the hair. Gently squeeze out the excess water, leaving the hair slightly moist. Let the extension dry completely. Once your hair weave is completely dry, you can wear it. If you're blow-drying your hair, use a hairdryer to blow your hair weave up and down. And make sure your hairdryer doesn't overheat.

That's all you need to do to dye your own hair weave. Dyeing our hair correctly will definitely make your beauty shine, and our goal is to make your beauty journey even smoother. 

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