Your care of Bob Wigs should be more careful

What is a Bob Lace wig?

Bob Lace Wigs are also known as Short Bob Wigs. For Bob wigs, Bob short lace wigs usually have hair lengths of 8-14 inches. Bob Lace Wigs are classic hair, designed for women who like short hair. It's a unique style and a perfect solution for women who are interested in keeping their hair simple. It gives you the most natural look. Bob wigs can be straight, curly, sleek and frivolous. Loveuwig has high-quality Bob wigs which are 100% real virgin human hair, and they can provide a different experience for you due to the different techniques used.

A high-quality Bob wig looks just like your natural hair and can help many people rebuild their confidence when they first encounter hair-related problems. Bob Wig is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to get rid of natural hair. The Bob wig covered up most of these problems.

The key points of care for Bob wigs

A Bob lace wig, also known as a Bob wig, making women have a sweet piece of femininity. Bob Lace Wigs are custom-made from long, straight, human wigs that look like raw hair and are easy to comb and maintain. Because the real wig customization of the bob wig is full really human hair, in terms of care should be more careful.

One: Combing your Bob wig

For Bob lace wig, to separate comb, can use a wide-tooth comb straight hair part, but to the place where the hair is rolled, such as the end of the hair to stop using the comb, if the place of the hair with a comb, will use the hair part of the comb more and more disorderly, resulting in long curly wig knotting or bifurcating.

Two: Cleaning your Bob wig

Before cleaning Bob lace wig, first beat off the wig attached to the dust, and then put the wig into warm water, do not use rubbing when washing, you can gently grasp the wig, let the wig between the fingers across, repeated several times.

Three: Maintenance your Bob wig

After washing Bob lace wig, the wig is placed in a ventilated place to blow, and the knotted place is found to use the special non-oily maintenance fluid for the wig, and the spray is used in the knotted place to unlock it by hand.

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