Why human hair wigs should be chosen over synthetic wigs?

When it comes to human hair wigs, the first thought is: expensive!But human hair wigs are the signature of wigs, which not only closely resemble human hair, but also come naturally, very close to our hair.Loveuwig.com offers 100% human hair wigs from Africa, Brazil and other high-quality sources.

How should you choose a human hair wig?

First, learn to distinguish between good hair and adulteration.We can pass the means of burning, whether there is chemical fiber component in discriminant hair silk.Also, check if the hair color is even through sunlight.Whether the hair looks shiny, you can also judge whether the hair is collected from the ground mix, there is no damage and other conditions.Loveuwig.com offers 100% human hair wigs from Africa, Brazil and other high-quality sources.

What makes human hair wigs better than synthetic wigs?

Human hair wigs are made from hair selected from healthy people and have been treated with acid.We wear contact with the scalp is not allergic reaction.They have different methods of care.

Chemical fiber wigs are made of chemical materials, and some people are not suitable for wearing if their skin is prone to allergies.Human hair wigs are exquisitely made and can be worn every day without feeling heavy after wearing them.

Human hair wigs last longer.The human hair wig is not easy to be frivolous, the appearance and color can remain the same for a long time, relatively stable, and very easy to become pliable after care.Therefore, as long as the good care, can use a three to five years is not a problem.Chemical fiber wig is not good, relatively easy to hairiness, easy to change color for a long time.

On top of that, human hair wigs can take on any number of different forms.It can also be permed and dyed just like human hair.So, you can go out in different shapes every day.In addition, human hair wig modelling realistic, natural, generally wear after the fundamental is not to see wearing a wig, with their own hair is the same!Now it seems that human hair wigs have a lot of benefits, so if you love beauty then go for human hair wigs!

The price of a human hair wig

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