Why do people wear wigs

Fashionable like you, you must have worn a lot of wigs to make your style look more changeable. Today we are going to talk about an interesting topic. Do you know why people wear wigs?

The origin of wigs has a long history. The great Louis XIII taught us: if there is not enough hair, wigs come together. Because of severe hair loss and scars on his head, Louis XIII put on a human hair wig and started the era of wigs wearing of European men in the Middle Ages. Louis XIV is a massive fan of human hair wigs, which cannot be matched by any empress's installation team in the harem-48 human hair wigs masters make wigs for him, and the human hair wigs at home can be piled up into a hill.

In modern times, wigs have long entered our daily lives and become a "fashion on the head". The public figures we often see may wear human hair wigs.

At present, the main uses of wigs include cover-up hair loss, medical wigs, or decoration, rich hairstyles, beauty, and animation wigs.

Cover-up hair loss or other hair problems

Mainstream wigs refer to traditional and practical products, such as concealing hair loss, hair extensions, hair weaves, concealing accessories-ponytails, bangs, braids, medical wigs, etc... Some wigs are used because of hair loss. Many, wigs have long been a tacit secret in the entertainment industry.

Image display needs, stars, celebrities

Celebrities use wigs more, such as the image needs mentioned above. Counting from the earliest opera performances to today's screens, screens, and stages, wigs have undoubtedly been important props for actors.

Anime Wig

Animation wig, COSPLAY as the development of non-mainstream wigs, its design is bold and open, cold and fashionable, which meets the modern and personalized social needs and spiritual yearning. It is the symbol product of non-mainstream wigs that are simultaneously popular in the world.

Professional needs

Anyone who has watched Law and politics dramas should have noticed that some lawyers wear a white wig when they go to court.

In fact, this uniform wig and black robe dress is a symbol of solemnity and shows respect for the law. Moreover, a uniform professional dress can also allow people to focus more on the trial itself, rather than the lawyer's fancy dress. This habit originated in the United Kingdom when wigs were spread to the United Kingdom. The wealthy businessmen and royal families in England began to wear wigs. By 1660, many tall professions required practitioners to wear wigs, such as lawyers. Due to social development, lawyers in the Commonwealth countries are required to wear wigs before going to court. The British brought this tradition to Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong judiciary also followed the British tradition. But now the UK is gradually abolishing this requirement. Since October 2, 2008, most judges and lawyers can no longer wear wigs in court, except for judges who hear criminal cases. You may only see court wigs on TV in the future.

With the progress of the times, more and more people begin to choose their own human hair wigs and create their own changeable styles.

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