What is Remy Hair Wig?

What is  remy hair wig

Remy hair wig is considered to be the highest quality human hair wig, because unlike most other non-Remy hair wigs, its cuticle is kept very intact. Remy hair wigs are collected by a method that allows the hair to align completely naturally. Make sure the direction of the hair is the same.

Why remy hair wig is considered as the best 

Remy hair wig is the best quality wig. It is made of human hair as a raw material and processed into a wig according to the natural growth of hair. It is generally worn close to the scalp and can be treated like one's own hair.

The biggest advantage of Remy human hair wig is that it preserves the cuticle on the hair. That is to say, the horny substance of the hair root is on one end, and the hair tip is on the other end. Putting the cuticles on one end not only conforms to the law of hair growth, but also helps prevent hair strands from knotting. In non-Remy hair wigs, knotting is a common phenomenon. The suppleness of Remy's hair wig is an important reason for its popularity and high price.

Remy hair wigs can be divided into two categories: primary hair and non-primary hair. Primary hair refers to hair that has not been dyed, straightened or chemically treated. This is the most sought after hair because it is more durable and healthier. Non-primary hair requires some chemical treatment, usually dyeing.

Categories of Remy hair wigs

Remy hair wigs can be further divided into single-dimensional and dual-dimensional, depending on its production process. The single-latitude Remy hair wigs have different hair lengths, which look like real hair and look very realistic. The double latitude of Remy hair wig is the same. Because it requires higher time and craftsmanship, the double latitude Remi hair wig is the most expensive type of Remi hair wigs.

Most of Remy human hair wigs are received from India. The best India is "Temple Hair". Indian women reduced their hair as the best gift to the Buddha. These hairs were purchased by hair extension manufacturers and used for hair extensions. Indian hair is thicker than standard European hair and thinner than Chinese hair, making it the best material for hair extensions. 

How to tell if it is real virgin Remy hair wig

Remy hair wigs collects hair differently. The cuticle remains intact and does not flake off. Virgin hair has never been treated, so it does not contain any chemicals, such as relaxants, perms, silicones, colors, and dyes. The roots are black, and the tails are slightly dull yellow or have split ends. Even after dyeing, it is more elastic. 

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