What is hair density?

Hair density is how many strands of hair per inch of your scalp. Usually, there are about 2200 strands of hair per inch for a common person and about 50 to 100 strands of hair missing per day. While buying wigs, hair density means a lot. The hair density makes a perfect and natural look hair wig. 

What you should know about hair density?

Knowing your hair density is very important to help you choose a suitable wig. If the hair density doesn’t match, the wig might look different. Moreover, your air density may indicate hair health, it will help you to take the necessary measures to take care of your hair.

Hair density is an important factor you should know to style your hair. While the hair thickness or thinness refers to the circumference of each strand, hair density, on the other hand, refers to how thick or thin the collective group of hairs is. That means an individual can have very thin hair but very dense at the same time, or they can have thick, but low-density hair.

Hair density is defined as how thick and how thin you would like your hair to be. The standard hair density is 130%, it’s the medium density. If you don’t like thick hair, you may select the low density or medium density. Usually, lace front wigs weigh more than full lace wigs. Following is the chart for hair density:

50% = Extra light hair density.

80% = Light hair density

100% = Light to Medium Density

130% = Medium Density

150% = Medium to Heavy Density

180% = Heavy Density

Usually, the heavy density hair wigs can last longer and cost a higher price. In fact, there are no many other ways to measure hair density. It’s not possible for us to count each strand of hair accordingly. The hair density only works for you to decide what style you would like to make.

What is the best hair density?

There’s no best hair density. Just select the wigs you like. The low hair density may weigh less and makes you feel cool. While the heavy density hair may help you create a long hair look. Usually, the healthy human hair density may vary from 100% to 150%. 

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