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What is Jerry curly hair?

As an emerging human hairstyle, Jerry Curly hair is a common and popular perm hairstyle among African Americans, Black Canadians, and Black women. The style is special but very beautiful, the style is very special. Soft, thick, springy, silky and curly. And the cuticle of the wig is in the same direction as the hair. Wearing a Jerry Curly Hair wig will get you a lot of glories and compliments. Loveuwig offers high-quality jerry curly hair weave which are made by 100% unprocessed human hair.

Jerry curly hair will blend well with your own hair. And it can be combined with your hair in many different styles, with accessories like headbands, headdresses, scarves, hats and so on, it can make you look great. It's a kind of bold beauty.

Jerry curly hair features

Jerry Curly is known for its fluffy sheen. Therefore, if you have relatively little curly hair, try a Jerry curly bundle, which will make your hair look longer and fuller. Jerry curly hair is a low-maintenance hairstyle that requires less attention and maintenance than a straight wig. From not having to wash your hair for a day or two to not have to blow dry your hair, your curls are definitely easy to maintain!

Just like your straight-haired friends, once they don't wash their hair for a day, their hair becomes flat and boring. If your Jerry curly hair is not washed as often, your hair will look new and more beautiful.

Jerry curly hair is attractive because Jerry curly hair gives the wearer a sleek, loose curly look. It's easy to break curly hair, so the biggest challenge is to take care of curly hair to keep it as shiny, elastic and plump as possible. These suggestions should be helpful.

How to maintain Jerry curly hair?

1. Maintain Jerry curly hair

Curly hair is naturally drier than other hair textures, so it needs extra moisture. You use moisturizer or moisturizer after shampooing. Moisture is the key to keeping your curls intact. By keeping curls moist, they hold their shape better and don't curl easily, which helps prevent tangles and reduces grooming time.

2. Use appropriate care productsfor Jerry curly hair

Spray your Jerry's curly hair daily with water to help it absorb, and use a leave-in conditioner designed for curly hair. Avoid products that contain harsh alcohol and silicone, as they can make curly hair very stiff and dry. To get more water, you can do a deep conditioning treatment at least once every two weeks. Please note: products such as oils, gels and mousses can depress curly strands and cause tangling and extinction problems.

3. Comb, clean and dry Jerry curly hair

In general, curls tend to dry out, which is why you should not overwash your hair. Washing your hair too much can cause the cuticle to swell and strip your hair of its natural oils, which can make your curls even drier.

To prevent Jerry's curly hair from deteriorating, do not overuse the hairdryer. You can let the air dry your Jerry wig. Or when your hair is still wet, gently curl curls from the bottom with your hands and place them on a dry towel to air dry completely.

If you must use a hairdryer, use a hairdryer diffuser specifically designed for curly hair. And don't let your hairdryer get too hot.

Of course, you can also use Jerry Curly Hair for a suitable hairstyle. This will allow your hair to curl naturally and make them look more unique and beautiful.

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